Our basic children's choir in Munich

In the basic children's choir, children aged 6 to 9 learn the first parts of music notation and develop their singing skills as a team.

In addition, they can already gain their first experience in public concerts at this stage.

If you are interested in participating, please feel free to register for an audition with us.

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Targeted training of the auditory system

The children learn to recognise notes and to hear pitches accurately.
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Breathing techniques for singing

Through proper breathing techniques, the children learn to optimise their singing and refine their voice.
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Participation in public concerts

In the basic choir, the children can gain their first live experience and perform at public concerts.

The contents of our basic children's choir

At the next stage after the preliminary course, children aged 6 to 9 extend their learned skills and techniques in the basic children's choir.

At this level, the children learn the most important basic concepts and skills of choral singing:

You will learn the basic signs and beat figures of the conductor's language in order to be able to react correctly.
They get their first insights into music notation. They learn to sing in unison and to control their breathing.
They develop the necessary inner and outer calm to tune into singing.
They learn to develop a respectful attitude towards each other and towards the teacher.

Choirmaster Maksim Matsiushenkau promotes the basic children's choir together with Kaori Kashimoto as piano accompanist and will help the children to develop their skills in a targeted way but will never lose the fun in the process.

Our basic children's choir practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 17:00 to 18:30.

If you are interested in our choir music, please feel free to register your child for a free audition at any time.