Professional music lessons in Munich and the surrounding area

Our school for choral art in Munich offers children of all ages a comprehensive and professional music education. In addition to singing, piano and solfeggio lessons are also on the timetable.

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Versatile and individual music lessons

Our choir school in Munich offers versatile and professional music lessons for children from the age of 4. The main focus is on individual voice training and choral singing. Our singing lessons are rounded off with piano lessons and music theory (solfeggio).

Our music teachers are highly-qualified music educators with degrees from world-renowned music colleges. In addition to extensive expertise in the field of music, they also have the necessary experience in pedagogical dealings with children of all ages.

Singing lessons

Voice training and singing lessons are given in small groups or as individual lessons.

As the natural instrument of every human being, the voice offers diversity like no other musical instrument.

In our choir school, children learn breathing techniques, posture, articulation, vocal exercises and other techniques for the professional development and care of their own individual singing voice.

Piano lessons

Piano lessons are complementary to singing lessons and help to consolidate and internalise musical understanding of tone, music, rhythm and melody.

Piano lessons also help to develop vocal skills, but also creativity and the ability to concentrate.

Solfeggio lessons

The theoretical music lessons, consisting of music notation and general music theory, provide the children with the necessary specialist knowledge to make the best use of the strengths of their voices and to skilfully overplay any weaknesses.

Here they learn not only to understand conductor's signs, for example, and thus to be able to participate in choirs and orchestras worldwide, but also to understand the connections of music and the reasons behind a note or a composition.

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