Our Concert Children's Choir in Munich

In our concert choir, children from the age of 9 will find optimal support for the skills they have developed up to this point and will gain a broader understanding of music as a flexible and versatile art form.

If you are interested in joining our children's choirs in Munich, please feel free to register your child for a free audition with us.

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Developing the flexibility of the voice and expanding the vocal range

Children learn to develop the full potential of their voice and to also develop their own individual style.
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Participation in public concerts, festivals, choir tours and other projects

The children are given many opportunities to showcase their vocal talents at live concerts and other events.
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Further development and polyphonic singing

The children learn complex techniques and contexts for polyphonic singing, the supreme discipline of any choir.

The contents of our concert children's choir

While in the pre and basic choirs, the focus was on the musical introduction to choral singing and the first development of a vocal basis, in the concert children's course, the children learn more complex techniques, advanced music theory such as comprehensive knowledge of music notation and the further development of their own voice.

Choirmaster Maksim Matsiushenkau teaches the children extended techniques for polyphonic singing, varied musical strokes and shadings, and chromaticism, with piano accompaniment by Kaori Kashimoto.

As part of the concert ensemble, the children will take part in many concerts, some of them large, and will be able to express and perform their musical talents on stage in front of a wide audience.

Our choir rehearsals for the Concert Children's Choir take place on Tuesdays and Fridays from 17:00 to 19:00.

Would your child like to be part of our concert choir? Feel free to register them for a free audition.